Fetal Cardiology

The Children’s Heart Center’s fetal cardiology program allows for the detection of congenital heart defects before birth, often as early as 18 weeks of gestation.

The fetal cardiology program has expert pediatric cardiologists with specialized training and years of experience to provide the best diagnosis and closely monitor the baby’s overall health. Prenatal diagnosis also allows parents to carefully plan for the baby’s delivery and ensure a smooth transition to the necessary specialized care after birth.

UHealth specialists care for both mother and baby at one location – Jackson Memorial Hospital. No other medical center in Miami-Dade offers this coordinated care at one convenient site.

Our multidisciplinary care team may include:

Our Team

This team ensures that both mother and baby receive the most advanced family-centered care. Our multidisciplinary approach allows our experts to review each case and work collaboratively to determine the best care plan.

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Our Location

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